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Life Insurance

Protect your family and make an investment in your future with one of our life insurance products. Compare term, whole, universal and variable life insurance options. We help you understand your options.

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No one expects to get injured and not be able to work. But if the unexpected happens to you it’s good to know that disability insurance will help you maintain your lifestyle and protect your assets. Learn how it works.

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Long Term Care

With Americans living longer than ever before, long term care insurance has become an important consideration. Learn about the different types of care covered and how this product protects your assets.

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Welcome to Great Life Insurance

Affordable Quotes, Rates, and Policies

At Great Life Insurance Group we are dedicated to offering the information and tools you need to make informed decisions about your insurance needs and providing affordable quotes and cheap life insurance from top-rated companies for term, whole, and universal life policies and other insurance-related products.
We understand that the world of insurance can be confusing to the average person which is why we’ve created this site. We want to make the process of purchasing insurance as convenient for you as possible.

Term, Whole and Universal Life Insurance Products

If you have loved ones that depend on you and your income for their livelihood then you should consider life insurance. Learn more about the various types of insurance options, the coverage you might need to ensure your family’s needs are met and review our list of leading life insurance companies. Find out how securing life insurance can be part of a sound financial plan and potential investment vehicle to meet your savings goals.

Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care

Most of us are in a position where we depend upon our paycheck to stay in our home, put food on the table and, well, just live. Your income is your most valuable asset and you must protect it. Disability insurance and long-term care insurance are designed to protect your income in the event that you are disabled due to illness or injury and require ongoing health care services. Learn more about these options and how you can protect you and your family from losing your income and covering the high costs of professional health care.

Life Insurance Quotes to Meet Your Needs

Insuring your most valuable asset—your income—is now more important than ever before. Get competitive life insurance policy quotes from industry-leading companies from across the country. Whether you’re looking for term life insurance or a form of permanent life insurance, we’ll help you to get the right coverage at the right price. Our goal is to provide you with helpful information and tools to decide what type of insurance is right for you and to make the process of obtaining a quote as easy and convenient as possible. Take a moment now and get your life insurance quote today.