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Western & Southern Life

In a world full of uncertainties, it is best to get one's self, loved ones and possessions insured. But with a host of insurance companies cropping up like daisies, how would you know where to get your plan? After going through dozens of companies (believe me, I did!), the author considers Western and Southern Life insurance company as one of the best in the industry. Here are five reasons why.

1. Western and Southern Life is financially strong and stable.

We are talking about insurance and investments here - your money you put aside to secure yourself. You therefore need a company that is as sturdy as a bull (it is no coincidence that an optimistic stock market is called "bullish") and as reliable as an ox. With the economy offering more surprises than Lady Gaga's wardrobe, your insurance company needs to be able to able to weather any storm and hurdle through financial blocks that come its way. Western and Southern Life fits this description to a tee. Proof of this is its inclusion in Fortune 500, which is a list of the leading companies in the United States. Further proof of its strength is its ability to pay off claims; just in the past twelve months it was able to pay more than 300 million US dollars to its plan holders. If that is not the true measure of financial power then nothing is.

2. Western and Southern Life is sincere in its concern for its customers.

As you make probably one of the most important decisions in your life, you must be informed thoroughly and assisted with care. This shows the company's concern for your welfare and that they are not merely pushing you to bite the bait to make profits for themselves. With Western and Southern Life's information system, you do not become shark feed. The company genuinely believes in mutual growth so they educate you about investment options, the importance of investing, and the factors you can use in your favor (like time), among others. It has even been cited as a Military Friendly Employer. With Western and Southern Life, you will feel that you - not just your cash - matter.

3. Western and Southern Life has a wide range of product offerings.

Since no two people are alike, having a diverse portfolio is essential if you want to address the public's needs. Western and Southern life therefore provides a variety of products that answer various needs and is suitable for the different life stages one can find himself in. Aside from this, it offers plans that can be as flexible as a Chinese acrobat, with options for upgrades, cash conversions, and additional benefits and coverage. If Western and Southern Life says it has all bases covered, it is not kidding.

4. Western and Southern Life makes things easy for its clients.

With product choices as numerous as Imelda's shoes, how can you find The One? Never fear, Western and Southern Life is here! First of all, the company makes your life easier by translating the financial jargon into English. They have an idiot-proof Product Comparison Guide for the different types of life insurance available. They also have this interactive iquiz wherein you simply answer Yes or No, and then it presents you with the best plan based on your needs and preferences and current financial standing. It even explains why it is the best option and highlights the key points in bullets so you do not get lost in translation. In addition, it presents case studies of people and how a certain insurance plan can work best for them considering their age, status in life, family size and age of children, assets and financial standing.

Although other insurance companies do offer financial planning, you usually find yourself more confused than enlightened. (Some simply want to make a sale, while others provide this tedious worksheet, complicating the process.) But you should not be shooting in the dark when choosing your insurance or investment plan. Western and Southern Life makes sure of that.

5. Western and Southern Life has been in the business for over 100 years.

Western and Southern Life insurance company was established way back in 1888. This makes it Jurassic, and in a business that is riddled with ambiguities, Jurassic is good. For one, longevity equates to Experience. This is a necessity to stay on top of the game. It is likewise a trait that shows resiliency, wit and strength to overcome the hard times. Unlike a dinosaur, it does reflect adaptability to the changing times and variable economic climate. Living - and thriving - in this business for 125b years clearly marks Western and Southern Life as a cut above the rest.