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Travelers Insurance

Looking for insurance? Look no further with Travelers Group's wide range of insurance solutions. With these products, you are bound to find one that fits your precise needs. Below is the author's Top Ten list for individual insurance products.

10. Renters Insurance - You may simply be renting the place you are staying in but this does not free you from all obligations. Should something happen to the place which is a result of your negligence (like fire from an unattended furnace), then you become liable and must pay for any damage. Protect yourself from such accidents with the Travelers Renters Insurance. This covers your personal belongings too, so you do not have to worry about your furniture and electronic appliances and devices. Now you can rent with ease with one less thing to worry about.

9. Condo Insurance - Owning just a unit in a building makes a condominium owner's needs different from a homeowner's. This is what the Condo Insurance is for. It provides protection for the owner's personal property, indemnity from personal liabilities, coverage for additional living expenses, and insurance for additions and alterations in your unit.

8. Boat and Yacht - You can go free sailing with more ease with Travelers' Boat and Yacht Insurance. The Boat insurance provides coverage for boats less than 26 feet long, while the Yacht Insurance covers marine vessels 26 feet or longer. There are also plans available for antique boats, hybrid boats and electric boats. The details of each plan may vary but the insurance generally offers indemnity for physical damages to the vessel and personal property on the boat, liability for damages brought on others, and expenses for emergency assistance such as towing of the boat or gas delivery.

7. Flood Insurance - In America, floods are one of the most common natural disasters. But flood damages are not included in home insurance packages. Good thing there is the Travelers Flood Insurance. This can provide you coverage for any damage to your home's structure, as well as damages to furniture and appliances. In addition, it pays for the flood clean-up costs, which can be very expensive. It can even cover your expenses when you flood-proof your home (i.e. sandbagging). Since the cost of flooding can reach more than $10,000, getting an insurance plan is indeed the cheaper - and wiser - way to go.

6. Wedding and Private Events - Rain on your wedding day? Fret not, Travelers Group insurance is here. With its Wedding Protector Plan, you are covered for emergencies, such as when you need to cancel or postpone the occasion, or your caterer backs out, or the place where you are supposed to hold the event closes. These realities may be more real than you could have imagined, with 31% of insurance claims due to venue or vendor-related pitfalls. Other causes are sickness, injury or mishaps (19%); vandalism or theft (13%); the weather (10%); military deployment (8%); and others. Since these are occurrences beyond your control, it is best to get insurance which can be as low as $160. That is a worry-free celebration your money can buy.

5. Umbrella Insurance - The Travelers Umbrella Insurance provides you additional coverage when you need it. It includes indemnity for litigation expenses; coverage for libel, slander or defamation charges; and extra cash which can be as high as $10 million to help you protect your home, automobile, investments or other assets.

4. Valuable Items Coverage - You no longer need to fear for your grandma's prized emerald necklace nor your diamond-encrusted wedding ring. The Travelers Valuable Items Coverage makes sure family heirlooms, fine art, collectible items and other valuable personal articles are covered. This insurance also covers musical instruments, sports equipment, furs, guns, and even pedigreed dogs.

3. Identity Fraud Protection - Identity fraud is the commitment of crime or fraud when someone uses or steals your identity. This special insurance provides you reimbursement of up to $25,000 for medical ID fraud expenses, travel expenses, new IDs, attorney's fees, and lost wages. It also includes professional guidance from a Travelers consumer fraud specialist. Take action and protect yourself against this growing crime.

2. Auto Insurance - Since you will be spending an indefinite time on the road, you should make sure you are covered for any eventuality. The Travelers Auto Insurance can provide coverage for you as well as the other party (if you are responsible for the accident). It can cover bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, towing services, and even car rental services. There is also comprehensive damage coverage for fire, theft, and the like. In addition, you can get discounts for your car's safety features, such as airbags and anti-theft devices. You are definitely covered with Travelers car plan.

1. Homeowners Insurance - Although we do not know when a disaster will strike, you can have peace of mind with Travelers Home Insurance. It takes protecting what is probably your dearest possession seriously by offering a comprehensive plan that can provide coverage for your home's physical structure as well as other structures on your lot. It can likewise provide additional living expenses, personal property coverage or liability coverage. With Travelers, your needs are well taken care of.