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Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

With Thrivent Financial for Lutherans you do not just live - you thrive. This is because Thrivent Financial is not your usual type of company. For one, it is a congregation of Christian believers, a characteristic unique in itself. It is conscientious in its dealings, making sure that its transactions are transparent, fair and reasonable. Foremost in its intentions is to provide a secure financial prospect for its members. All earnings are henceforth geared towards improving its product offerings and growing the members' investments. Aside from this, the company makes regular contributions to charitable institutions. Sharing the profits is a form of expressing thanks for the good year, and is one way the group can share their blessings. Hence the gains the company reaps, benefits others as well. All these make Thrivent Financial stand out with its faith, its generosity, and its commitment to developing a sound financial community.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is run by its members as it embodies the saying, "for members, by members, with members". Being part of the group gives one actual power in deciding how to move the company forward. One example of this is that members can vote on issues, such as whether or not to extend the common bond. They can also choose the charitable institutions Thrivent Financial donates to. In addition, they can vote for the company's Board of Directors, the group who oversees that Thrivent Financial's investments are sound and safe. Other insurance companies do not grant this privilege, yet when an investment approved by the Board goes wrong, everybody is affected. Since Thrivent Financial recognizes this reality, it deems that everyone has a right to choose who they want to manage their funds - after all, it is the member's money that is being invested. Clearly, being part of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans makes you an active participant in growing your wealth and securing your future.

Being a member has other benefits. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is not only committed to increasing its members' economic standing, it is also dedicated in growing its constituents' financial literacy, as well as understanding of and dealing with loss and misfortune. This is done by providing quarterly publications, such as the Thrivent Magazine and Financial Insights Quarterly, to the members. It likewise makes available a practical step-by-step guide to making decisions when a loved one dies (Step by Step: Your Guide to Making Practical Decisions When a Loved One Dies). Other free educational resources include A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance and Your Will Planning Guide. Through these materials, one is aided in coping with a tragic event. Such support can be invaluable to one going through the stages of grief.

Then of course there is Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' line of insurance and investment products. Foremost of this is the life insurance, which can be availed either as a fixed-term or permanent insurance. Since no one can ascertain when he will be called from this existence, a life insurance is one of the most basic protection packages you can get for your family. Aside from this, there is the disability income insurance that protects you should you be stricken by a debilitating illness. No more worries of income loss when you need it most! Other insurance options include Medicare supplement insurance for covering hospitalization charges not included in your Medicare benefits, Major Medical Insurance for the self-employed or early retiree, and long-term care insurance which assures you that you will be taken care of in your advanced years.

Aside from protecting yourself, your family and your assets, you can grow your wealth with Thrivent Financial for Lutherans' investment vehicles. The company provides annuities, mutual funds and investments, individual retirement accounts (more commonly known as IRAs, specifically 401(k), 403(b), 457 and 412), employer-sponsored retirement plans, and trust accounts. These investment options have varying rates of returns and risk factors involved so it is advisable to consult with a Thrivent Financial representative who can explain each in detail. You can make a more informed decision with a representative's guidance, and this will better prepare you for any eventuality. In addition, Thrivent Financial offers Church financing and insurance for businesses too.

Truly, you can make Thrivent Financial for Lutherans your partner for success. Be part of this thriving community now.