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TD Life Insurance

With your growing list of payables and never ending bills, you might be wondering why you should get an insurance policy. After all, it is just another expense, right?

Wrong. Contrary to what financial illiterates would have you believe, insurance plans are in fact important tools that protect you and your assets. They give you security and monetary help during accidents and/or calamities - the very times you would most need it.

Why get your insurance from TD Insurance Centre?

TD Insurance Centre is one of the largest insurance companies based in Canada, with operations extending to the United States, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg. It is ranked among the best groups offering auto insurance as well as health and life coverage. As part of the TD Bank Group, it has superior financial backing from one of the most consistent performers in the financial and investment industry.

What type of insurance should you be getting?

With the myriad types of plans available, it is very easy to get lost in the insurance world. You might even end up buying a plan that is least advantageous for you. Here then is a list of products offered at TD Insurance Centre with a brief description of what each covers. Note, however, that there are usually sub-types falling under each. For detailed offerings, it is best to consult with TD Insurance's customer service representatives.

Auto Insurance. This insures your car should you have an accident. Depending on your plan, it may also cover other expenses, such as damages to the car of the other party, and consequent expenses like renting a car should yours be rendered unserviceable from the accident.

Life Insurance. TD Insurance Centre offers three main kinds of term life insurance: TD Term 10, which provides coverage for 10 years; TD Term 20, which provides coverage for 20 years; and, TD Term to 100, which in effect offers permanent or lifetime protection. TD Term 10 and 20 have fixed-rate premiums for the number of years indicated. Both also have the option to be converted into permanent insurance until you reach the age of 69. You can likewise customize your plan by choosing how much monetary compensation your family would receive should you pass away - a morbid thought, but that is what a life insurance is for. It is your guarantee that your family will be financially provided for in case of the death of the insured.

Accidental Death Insurance. Like the life insurance, this provides financial security for the family should a tragic accident befall the insured. There is a cash death benefit given to the beneficiaries of the insured, and may include indemnity for hospital expenses.

Home Insurance. There are in fact different types of insurance for the homeowner, a condo owner, and a renter. This is of course due to the fact that a renter would have different concerns from someone who owns a house (or a condominium unit). For instance, a homeowner would consider ensuring his house against fire and/or floods, but that is not the primary concern of a renter (it is the landlord's). A renter might instead be more in need of insurance from theft or protection for his furniture and personal belongings.

Travel Medical Insurance. If you are a frequent traveller, you can be more at ease each time you fly with TD's Annual Travel Medical Insurance. Aside from indemnity for hospital and sickness-related expenses, the annual plan provides coverage for trip cancellations and/or interruptions. There is a plan for the occasional traveller as well: TD's Per Trip Plan.

Hospitalization Coverage. No need to worry about your medical bills with TD's Hospitalization Coverage. There is also a special plan for Critical Illness, Critical Accident, and Accident and Sickness Hospitalization.

Credit Protection. Various insurance options are available under this program, such as Mortgage Insurance, Line of Credit Insurance, Business Credit Life Insurance, and the Loan Life and Disability Insurance. Basically, these products protect the insured from his financial obligations in times of economic or salary loss.

Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicles Insurance. Who says you can't insure that expensive snow mobile you got yourself for Christmas? With this line of products from TD Insurance Centre, you can ride away knowing that your baby is protected.

How do you know how much you would really need?

Aside from choosing an insurance plan, you also need to consider how much coverage you should apply for. Of course, the greater the coverage, the higher will your contribution (your premium) become. It is therefore important that you ascertain what benefits are important and how much monetary safety net is necessary to keep your loved ones financially stable during a trying time. TD Insurance Centre makes computing easier by providing a financial planner and calculator for clients to determine their actual needs.

Through TD, you can increase your protection against untoward incidents, secure your assets and loved ones, and enhance your understanding of investment engines that can give you peace of mind as well as financial security.