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SunAmerica Life Insurance

A popular proverb goes, "Failing to plan is planning to fail." The wisdom of this saying cannot be highlighted more than by the economic rollercoaster America has been on for the past decade. For those who failed to plan, they found themselves bankrupt, with no reserves to fall back on. But for those who invested wisely, they were able to weather the storm and lived through another windfall.

Although nothing is certain when it comes to investing, having a savings plan is still better than not having one at all. Even putting your money in the bank where it can grow slowly but surely can put one in a more secured financial standing than one who does not have a savings account. The setback, however, of a bank savings account is that the rate by which your money grows is lower than the inflation rate. Thus, later on, simply having a savings account cannot guarantee that you will have the same lifestyle as you are used to prior to retirement. What, then, if you are offered a savings stratagem that can earn you much more than what a bank savings account can offer? Would you not grab this chance of a lifetime?

We are indeed talking about your lifetime security as offered by SunAmerica Companies. You see, with SunAmerica, you are given the chance to grow your income such that you can maintain the lifestyle you have when you are still actively part of America's workforce. The fact of life is you cannot always be at the pink of health or at the prime of your career; as age and health issues creep up on you, you may find yourself with less lucrative job offerings. Does this mean you should stop taking your yearly vacation, no more shopping for clothes (even if you have worn that tie for the third time this week), and no more - not even occasional - expensive yet worth it gustatory treats?

Fear not, the future is not that bleak with SunAmerica. This company is committed to making the aging population's existence a period to actually look forward to. Growing old and retiring from work no longer equates to a shabby, downcast lifestyle - made possible through SunAmerica Companies' retirement plans. You can continue living your life as when you had your active income through SunAmerica's Retirement Protection and Retirement Income Strategies.

How does this work? While you are still employed, you set aside a certain percentage of your salary for your retirement savings plan. Your first saving in fact takes effect the moment you do this: what goes into your retirement funds is tax-deferred. Then SunAmerica takes care of investing your money so that it can grow. The profits the company make is divided among its policyholders: this is the interest your investment will earn. Depending on the type of plan you will get, you can have a fixed-rate monthly retirement income or a variable interest plan. For the fixed-rate plan, you will get the same interest you have signed up for regardless of SunAmerica's performance, whether it lost or earned well in its business. Because this is a nearly no-risk savings plan for you, the interest that you will get is of a conservative amount. Alternatively, with the variable interest plan, there is the higher interest rate option, but with the greater unpredictability comes higher risks. With this option, you can have an extremely healthy rate of returns when the market is good, but there is also the chance that at certain periods you may not earn at all (or even get a negative amount) when the market is down. However bad this may sound, the economy has been historically proven to bounce back after its financial lows, and over a longer stretch of time the general interest rate you can get is usually higher than the plan with fixed returns.

Still, the type of plan you choose should be determined by your financial capabilities and needs. If, for instance, you would immediately need your retirement funds, then the fixed-term plan is more suitable for you. Otherwise, if you signed up for the variable interest plan and the market happened to be losing, you would not be able to have the cash that you need. On the other hand, if you can afford to wait reaping your retirement benefits, you can get the variable plan. Even if the economy is not looking good, your losses would just be on paper and you can bounce back later on when the businesses pick up once more.

Now do not delay; in investing, time is literally gold. This is because Time, through the seemingly magical process of compound interest, is a powerful multiplier of your savings deposit. For instance, you would only require a mere 2.5% interest to grow your savings of $5,000 to more than $5,657 in five years. But if you delayed investing and are down to just three years to multiply your $5,000 savings money, you would require more than 4.2% interest rate to get the same end amount.

So you see, if you invest now, you would not have to fear growing old; in fact, you may instead want to speed up time to enjoy your retirement benefits. Who would not want to enjoy life without having to work anymore from 9 to 5? With SunAmerica, you can have fun growing old as you reap the fruits of your savings.