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Sagicor Life Insurance

Sagicor Life Insurance Company has been helping the people of America for nearly 60 years now. It is present in about 40 states, with international branches as well. Its unique name means wisdom (sage) and heart (core). Seeing that its mission is embodied in its name, it takes to heart giving wise financial advice to its clients.

Not only is Sagicor Life Insurance Company committed to its customers; it also has the financial capacity to deliver. A company may have good intentions, but if it does not have the business savvy to stay atop a market that rises and ebbs like the ocean, then those intentions will dissolve into empty promises. Sagicor is unlike these hollow voices that give false assurances. Proof of this is the company's inclusion in the "top 175 largest life insurance companies in the United States". This listing is generated based on companies' total assets, which demonstrates these companies' financial strength. With more than 930 million US dollars in aggregated assets, Sagicor indeed features strongly in the insurance industry. Through this, Sagicor guarantees its plan holders that it has the capacity to deliver the promised returns.

To be able to address the diverse needs of its customers, Sagicor Life Insurance Company makes available various protective programs as well as wealth-generating products. Foremost among their offerings is the Life Insurance, which can either be fixed-term or permanent. Fixed-term or Term Insurance has a time element that determines its length of validity. After this time period has elapsed, the policyholder forfeits his benefits. The advantage of a Term Insurance is it is more affordable and is ideal for junior employees with young families. It gives assurance to the family that they will be financially provided for in the event of the policyholder's death during the time his plan is active. Moreover, it is the plan holder who determines the number of years his plan will be in effect. Sagicor takes their Term life insurance further by offering its signature Platinum Series and Gold Series Term Insurance. Depending on the type of plan purchased, a policyholder can secure not only his loved ones but his assets as well. The insurance may even be used to pay off mortgage. In addition, the Platinum Series provides coverage for debilitating or terminal sickness. It therefore provides for the policyholder and his family in times of income loss due to the insured's physical inability to work.

As for the Permanent Life Insurance, Sagicor offers a wide range of options: Platinum Series Universal Life; Platinum Series No Lapse Universal Life; Platinum Series Fixed Indexed Universal Life; Gold Series Fixed Indexed Single Premium Whole Life; Gold Series Interest Sensitive Single Premium Whole Life; and, Gold Series Whole Life. Each of these has its unique features and advantages, and addresses different needs in one's life. Conversely, the common denominator among all these products is that the policy is in force for life, unless otherwise terminated or cancelled by the plan holder. Although more expensive since the plan is in force for an indefinite period of time, it provides greater assurance for the plan holder and his family. What is more, Sagicor's Permanent life insurance has wealth-generating options. This means that while the policyholder is insured, he can convert a portion of his cash deposits into a savings plan. The money can be withdrawn later on as cash-back or as retirement funds. Now that is shooting two birds with one stone!

It is best to check with Sagicor Life Insurance for the specifics of each of their insurance plans. Note that the coverage for each plan differs, and there may be benefits available in an insurance that is not available in another. Thus Sagicor gives free advice through its plan advisors. The company's customer care representatives can not only brief you on their product details, but also help you assess your needs. This is called financial planning, which is important so you are more aware of your situation, monetary capability and financial risks. This will therefore make you a better decision maker. In addition, talking to the company's plan advisors can help you understand the varying governing rules and remuneration for the different plans so you do not encounter unpleasant surprises such as surcharges, late fines, or withdrawal penalties. Sagicor will not hide these from you; alternatively, they will educate you. Indeed with Sagicor, you can expect to be a master of your financial future.