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Physicians Life Insurance

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company is the company to beat when it comes to insurance products and services. With a clear understanding of people's needs, Physicians Mutual offers an array of helpful and indispensable protective care that covers dental insurance, medical care, life insurance, long-term care insurance, and even annuities. This line of products has evolved through the years in response to the needs of society.

Company's History

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company has its roots in Omaha, Nebraska, when Edwin E. Elliot saw the need for health care for medical professional's way back in 1902. After receiving much success with his initial product, he thought of offering the health insurance to the general public. This time, he had doctors and surgeons - his original target clientele - on board with him, and together they were able to design a protection plan tailored fit to the needs of the people. After all, who can be in a better position to assess the health provision issues of the masses than the very professionals who look after their medical cares?

Now, more than 110 years later, Physicians Mutual continues to be needs-responsive. That its product offerings currently include long-term care, supplemental health, and annuities show its commitment in providing answers for any American's insurance concern.

Company's Products

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company has a varied line of health-related protection and life insurance products. One of these is its Dental Insurance. No matter what plan you get - Economy, Standard, or Preferred Option - you will be entitled to coverage for more than 300 dental procedures. This includes preventive care like routine dental check-ups, basic care such as simple tooth extractions, and major care such as dental surgeries. An added benefit is that you can go to the dental practitioner of your choice, making your visit to the dentist more comfortable for you. Claims are made customer-friendly as well, and cash returns are generally processed within seven days of filing. With its extensive coverage and benefits, this is one insurance plan that can keep you smiling.

Just as client-friendly is Physicians Mutual's Medicare Supplement. As a supplement, it covers the cost of procedures that are not answered by Medicare. You can choose your plan and what type of coverage you wish, which can include Medicare co-payments, coverage for hospital stays, hospice care, or skilled nursing facility stay. With Physicians Mutual's Medicare Supplement, you are not restricted to any health care provider, but may choose any hospital or health professional approved by Medicare. Claims are likewise made easier with no additional paperwork required and are generally paid within three days. In addition, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company does not set an age limit for their Medicare Supplement. This is most reassuring particularly to those who are in their retirement years, the ones most in need of extra medical attention. With usually just their pensions to rely on, the elderly can have better access to health care without necessarily spending all their life's savings.

Further enhancing your health protection is the Supplemental Health policy. This can be applied during medical emergencies or accidents. Since you do not know when such crises will arise, it is best to be prepared. The company consultants can better advice you on what plans to choose from and you can choose the type of coverage you would prefer.

Aside from these health protection plans, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company offers Life Insurance and Annuities. Its life insurance selection includes Term, Whole Life, and Juvenile Whole Life. The latter is the result of the company's acceptance of reality and their desire to bring more comfort to grieving families. The group has even added a Tree in Memory program to commemorate the beloved departed. In planting a tree, the parents have a living reminder of their child and in effect bring them hope and ease their pain.

Aside from this, the Whole Life Insurance policies have cash back options. Contact Physicians Mutual's financial advisors so you can check which arrangement fits your needs and financial goals.

Annuities are another long-term savings program you may wish to consider. An annuity can provide for you in your retirement days. Now you do not have to solely rely on your pension, which usually is not enough for your needs. What is more, you can apply for tax cut reductions while enrolled in this program. You may likewise choose between guaranteed fixed-rate returns, or variable annuities that can earn higher but returns are dependent on the market's productivity. With each of these plans, it is best you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each offering before you decide which policy to buy.

Company's Commitment

All of Physicians Mutual Insurance Company's healthcare and insurance products have a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your plan, you may cancel your policy within 30 days and you will get a full refund. This is proof of their commitment to their customers and trust in the strength of their offerings. Aside from this, the company has an impeccable record for claims distribution. This further shows that they deliver what they have promised to. Truly, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company sets the bar higher for life and health insurance companies.