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Pacific Life Insurance

Employment gives one security, but for how long can you fight court battles, keep up with your boss's schedule, or run cables and electrical wires without the risk of injuring yourself? Whether you want to or not, there will be a point wherein you have to give up that job that has provided for you, and your family, all these years. Question is - will you be prepared when that time comes?

Fortunately you can retire with confidence with Pacific Life Insurance Company. Backed by 145 years of experience in insurance care, Pacific Life is committed to deliver reliable service and comprehensive monetary investments to its clients. Proof of this is its growing clientele and strong financial position that landed it in the top three insurance companies for sales in 2011. With company assets amounting to nearly $120 billion, Pacific Life Insurance Company is indeed the group you would want to partner with in this time of economic uncertainty.

To cater to people's various needs, Pacific Life Insurance Company offers three main products so customers can choose which best fit their circumstances. First of these is the Mutual Fund, which allows an individual to grow his money through investments. As the name suggests, a Mutual Fund pools together the funds of all the investors, such that a considerably more sizable common fund is achieved. With this, the group can invest in bigger businesses as the Mutual Fund gives them more buying power; thus, an investment that may not have been possible becomes a reality through this program. Moreover, investments can be diversified, which gives the policyholders added protection against the volatile market. Should one industry collapse, the other businesses can still buoy your investment and even make you earn. An added safety net is the fact that with Pacific Life Insurance Company, all your transactions are entered into by qualified financial investors. These experts have the training and experience in determining potentially successful enterprises where it is safe to put your money in. Although there will always be risks, a well-studied investment in the hands of professional financial analysts very much outweighs going into investments all on your own. Plus of course your money can grow at such rates that no bank's interest can ever match. Now doesn't that sound comforting? And you don't have to wait for retirement before you start earning!

Another product Pacific Life Insurance Company offers is the Life Insurance. This program gives you the peace of mind that your loved ones will be provided for should anything happen to you. You can also customize your plan, choose your terms and beneficiaries, and add other benefits (these are called riders). Because of this flexibility, you are the ultimate designer of your plan and the one with the power to determine the amount you want to set aside for your family. There are likewise riders you can include that will increase your benefits and coverage, as well as payback options in which you yourself can enjoy the money you have set aside after a certain period. Since there are numerous options to select from, it is best you consult with Pacific Life's financial advisers, who can tailor a plan that will not only answer your concerns, but will also meet your financial capability. With Pacific Life Insurance Company, you can be assured of achieving your financial freedom even before you need to retire.

Last but not the least of Pacific Life Insurance Company's products is the Annuity. Just as you have enjoyed a regular salary, an Annuity pays you on a regular basis, the amount of which is dependent on the plan you signed up for. This, in effect, is like continuing with the security of having a salaried job but without having to report to work. Tell me if knowing that alone doesn't make you want to start an Annuity plan right away! And yet there are more benefits, such as reducing your tax cuts. This is possible when you get an Annuity that allows you to enrol your savings, which are actually deducted from your salary, for lower government taxes. Moreover, similar to the Life Insurance, there are several Annuity plans to choose from. What type of Annuity you subscribe to depends on what you want and what you deem is enough for you for the rest of your retirement years. There are annuities that can even allow you to earn sky-rocketing interests, but the risks are higher - as with any investment in which the gains are high. For those who prefer a guaranteed return, there is an annuity with a fixed interest rate. Again it is best to sit down with Pacific Life's financial adviser so you are better-informed and can make more educated choices. In the end, it will still be your call based on what you are comfortable with and what you think is most beneficial for you. After all, you will be putting in money that you have worked hard for; shouldn't you get the best?