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Old Mutual Asset Management

Retirement is a fact of life each one of us must come to grips with. How prepared are you to face this reality?

With Old Mutual, you are assured of more profitable gains for your hard-earned cash. Not just an insurance company, Old Mutual is into long and short-term investments, savings funds, and banking. Present in more than twenty countries worldwide, it is a financial bulwark that can withstand the country's current volatile economy. This is because it has diversified assets that allow it to ride in safety the tides of stock market unpredictability. Aside from this, it has nearly 170 years of experience tucked under its belt. With an amazing track record in its services in America and overseas, it has been the recipient of numerous accolades. In the US last year (2012), the Old Mutual Asset Management Group won the Ian Heslop for OM Global Equity Absolute Return Fund award, under the category of Best Performing Relative Value - Equity Fund. Such accomplishment attests to Old Mutual's outstanding performance in financial investments and its excellent capacity to manage its resources.

With the vision of becoming the "customer's most trusted partner", Old Mutual has put in place an admirable client relations framework that takes into account individual needs and preferences. This thrust is adhered to by all of the companies under the Old Mutual banner, whether in the United States or abroad. More than pushing a sale, Old Mutual affiliates seek to understand each of the client's needs so they can offer the most suitable investment plan. By raising their customer's financial literacy, they likewise increase the person's chances of growing his savings. Through this, mutual growth is achieved, and with every development, Old Mutual brings its customers up with them. Ultimately, the aim is for the client-investors to achieve the financial freedom and security they hope for.

Guided by this principle, Old Mutual Asset Management, which is the group operating in the US, makes available to its clients a diversified array of investment streams. Fondly called as "multi-boutique investing", the group has in its line-up carefully handpicked companies wherein customers can choose to invest directly or through asset managers. By investing directly, one is allowed to manage his account as he wishes, investing in the line of companies of his choice. Because Old Mutual Asset Management has already especially selected its partner enterprises, the risk of investing in a poor performing business is drastically reduced.

On the other hand, with Old Mutual Asset Management's mutual funds, resources are aggregated, thereby allowing investors more buying power. There is increased security as well since the funds are put in various reserves, which cushions investors from the impact of a falling market, should such arise. Through mutual funds, investments are rendered more secure in an otherwise potentially dangerous financial undertaking. Note, however, that Old mutual Asset Management does not personally offer financial advice but this is coursed through their affiliate companies.

No matter what you choose, Old Mutual Asset Management brings you closer to your financial goal as it gives you opportunities to grow your money exponentially. Ordinary bank interest rates will not be able to match the profits you can gain from this investment platform. Undeniably, the threat of losing money is higher since no one can absolutely control the market, but with a smart company that has carefully and thoroughly done its research, and which has shown nearly two centuries of committed service to its clientele, these are financial ventures worth far more than their potential risks. If this is not reassuring enough, then rest instead in the fact that Old Mutual Asset Management's associated companies has an aggregate worth of 208 billion US dollars as of the second quarter of the past year. This only accounts for the US group of assets, and not yet including their likewise fast-growing partners in more than twenty countries abroad.

Indeed, Old Mutual Asset Management can offer you the opportunity to retire with peace of mind. Old Mutual understands that after all your hard work, you should enjoy the years of your prime. Not only this, it truly believes in empowering every individual in living out the life one has dreamed for himself. With each person's success, Old Mutual stays true to its mission. So grow old with dignity. Grow with Old Mutual.