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First Investors Corporation

Founded in 1930, First Investors Corporation has always held on to the principle of personal service, connecting "Main Street to Wall Street" by extending help to families and individual investors in their efforts at reaching their financial goals. The company's solid network of licensed representatives offers a wide range of competitive financial products and services. The financial products include, but are not limited to, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, and more. There were not a lot of financial services companies when First Investors Corporation first opened its doors to investors some 80 odd years ago. The company is a pioneer in offering mutual funds in the country.

These days, First Investors Corporation continues to be an acknowledged market leader servicing the huge middle market in the financial services industry. The company has over 550 financial service representatives covering 26 U.S. states. In 2011, the company was acquired by Foresters Life Insurance Company that is based in Toronto, Canada, and with operations in the United Kingdom. Foresters shares First Investors Corporation's purpose of enhancing the lives of its customers via a host of highly competitive financial products and services offering great benefits. The member benefits of Foresters are non-contractual and can be obtained by eligible policyholders.

Foresters is a trademark and the trade name for the Independent Order of Foresters, which is a fraternal benefit society. The First Investors Consolidated Corporation is licensed to use the Foresters trademark. Both First Investors Corporation and First Investors Advisory Services, LLC, are owned by First Investors Consolidated Corporation. The securities portfolio is being offered through First Investors Corporation, while investment advisory services are offered through First Investors Advisory Services, LLC.

First Investors Corporation is quite proud of its rich history punctuated with successes along the way. The company believes that success can be measured on the length of time that you are able to maintain a good business relationship with its clients, further enhanced by excellent quality of service and stable investment results. The company aims to continue working as a partner of Foresters believing that the services offered by the two companies results to a wider, dynamic and diverse portfolio of products and services, including mutual funds, life insurance, and annuities.

First Investors Corporation is also closely working with advisers who specialize in certain market sectors that are a little challenging to penetrate. The experience, knowledge, and expertise of these advisers definitely boost the company's breadth and depth of its product offerings collectively referred to as the First Investors Family of Funds. First Investors Corporation is also able to offer mutual fund options to its clients, which are outside the family of funds.

A significant part of First Investors Corporation's success is due to its team of dedicated, experience, and enthusiastic benefits specialists, investment analysts, and portfolio managers. These specialists are well versed on the principles of employing a bottom-up or a top-down approach to investing, which involves exhaustive and rigorous quantitative analyses for selecting securities. Knowing that no investment is guaranteed nor risk free, the company's goal is to come up with stable investment options for the long term, while at the same time managing risks in a capable manner.

First Investors Corporation has decades-long experience in managing investment portfolios in global markets and through all the conceivable market cycles. Indeed, the company has one of the most enduring track records in financial service having been able to successfully combine modest risk management, wide investment spreads, asset allocation talents, and that personal touch that clients seek. The company is in the business of improving the lives of its clients and securing their financial future through fiercely competitive products and services as well as excellent customer service.

No company can forge ahead and prosper without adhering to a set of values and for First Investors Corporation these values are its driving force. Its top priority is putting the clients' interest first and serving clients' needs is its business cornerstone. The company has vowed never to compromise its integrity as the men and women forming the enterprise have been trained to maintain very high ethical standards in all their dealings and actions. The passion for excellence is reflected in the company's overall business performance. The workforce is highly motivated and has high job satisfaction.