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Farm Bureau Financial Services

Farm Bureau Financial Services is indeed proud of its heritage. The company was established over 70 years ago with the goal of meeting the insurance needs of farmers. Now, Farm Bureau Financial Services helps people from all walks of life in protecting what they hold dear as they prepare for the future.

Farm Bureau Financial Services believes in building strong bonds with its policyholders and all its clients and partners. It does not believe in providing online insurance quotes as every one of its customers have unique situations. As people's insurance and financial protection needs change during the various stages of their lives, Farm Bureau Financial Services assures its policyholders that a licensed, highly-trained professional agent will work with them to explain terms and premiums as well as answer all the questions they may have.

Farm Bureau Financial Services concentrated on catering to the needs of farmers in rural areas. Today, it serves people from rural to urban areas and everyone in between, all having differing ranges of needs and requirements. The company has over 1,600 employees and 4,000 representatives on the field, all with the goal of simplifying insurance and financial products for the regular Joe.

Farm Bureau Financial Services has a number of companies working under its umbrella. The Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company established a mutual holding company named Farm Bureau Mutual Holding Company, whose first task was to rename the insurance business to Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company. The insurer offers products and services to small businesses and individuals in eight Midwestern and Western states. Another underwriting company still within Farm Bureau Mutual Holding Company, called Western Agricultural Insurance Company, offers casualty and property insurance coverage, as well as specialty products in selected U.S. states. The Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company is the most major subsidiary of Farm Bureau Financial Services.

Farm Bureau Financial Services is very serious about forging trusted relationships and helping its customers protect the things that matter most to them. The company is eager and enthusiastic about meeting the needs of its customers with products that are flexible and can be tailor-fitted to every situation and circumstance. It shares the customer's goal of securing their financial stability and provides a good life to their loved ones.

The business performance of Farm Bureau Financial Services has always received good ratings. The rating of insurance company based on their financial soundness is important in the effort to establish a competitive position in the industry. These financial strength ratings represent the views and opinions of independent ratings agencies with regard to the ability of insurance companies to satisfy its financial obligations to contract holders and policy holders. One independent financial strength ratings agency company is A.M. Best Company Inc. It gives out A ratings for companies that have show financial stability and the capability to pay off all its obligations and commitments. The Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company is among a few elite insurers recognized by A.M. for maintaining an A rating or higher consistently for the past 50 years and despite economic downturns and such.

Becoming a part of the Farm Bureau Financial Services family makes a huge difference on people's lives. Becoming a policyholder opens doors not only to ample insurance coverage but to perks and discounts as well. At Farm Bureau Financial Services becoming a policy holder has a number of special advantages. They get insurance and financial benefits that help protect their customers' future. Farm Bureau Financial Services insurance policies also come with entertainment discounts at local retailers and local attractions. There are discounts on car rentals and hotel accommodations.

One of the more recent accolades received by Farm Bureau Financial Services is through its subsidiary, Farm Bureau Property & Casualty Insurance Company. The insurer ranked fourth nationwide in terms of claims satisfaction as of 2012. Every company named in the poll were rated according to claims processing, damage estimates, and overall customer service. The ranking of Farm Bureau Financial Services has surpassed the ranking of bigger insurers such as American Family, State Farm, Farmers Insurance, Nationwide, and Allstate. Farm Bureau Financial Services Vice President Dan Pitcher attributes this high ranking to the excellent customer service offered by the company's representatives and agents.