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Colonial Life Insurance

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is an industry leader in offering life and health care insurance solutions in neat packages. It takes pride in its excellence in service, communications, enrollments, and insurance products that provide outstanding benefits for employers and all their employees.

Many employees feel some sense of apprehension that they are not getting adequate insurance coverage and this is what Colonial Life works hard at eliminating. The company's products and services have been optimized to provide full coverage for primary policy holders and all their dependents. Colonial Life holds its headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina, and has been there since 1939. The company features a broad range of insurance products including life, disability, accident, critical illness, cancer, and hospital confinement.

Colonial Life helps its clients build a flexible employee benefits plan that serves the requirements of your business and all your employees. This gives companies the ability to build a strong and loyal workforce and an overall stronger enterprise. The benefits counseling and information dissemination offered by Colonial Life helps every employee within the company appreciate and understand their insurance benefits, its features and the options they have. Colonial Life prides itself in the excellent enrollment choices it can provide its clients that have all been designed for maximum savings on time, money, and effort. Every insurance product and service has been tailor-fitted to match the needs of all employees in whatever nature of business the company may be.

Colonial Life supports businesses in their efforts to provide their workforce with a highly satisfying benefits package that can directly impact work performance and job satisfaction. The company does more than just offer insurance products and benefits. It helps businesses figure out the set of benefits that would be most appropriate for them. Colonial Life also helps companies in the task of explaining the terms and conditions of the health or other insurance coverage to every one of the covered employee. Better employee benefits education usually translates to the better appreciation of the same by the workforce.

Colonial Life offers one-on-one benefits advice and counseling, which is very important especially during the enrollment process. This approach helps companies and employees fully realize and appreciate the potentials of the benefits package. The benefits counselors and specialists of Colonial Life would think nothing of paying companies a visit and conducting one-on-one or face-to-face meetings with employees. These counselors can give advice to every employee according to their unique needs and circumstances. The benefits counselor also uses these one-on-one sessions with employees as a way to measure the responsiveness of a company's benefits package and to make adjustments as needed. Colonial Life believes that sitting down with a policyholder for a discussion is the most effective means of offering its products and services, answer all the questions that employees may have, and recommend the most adequate and appropriate health plan for them. In addition to this, the company has other effective means of reaching out to the policyholders and making them understand their health plan. Again Colonial Life can create a range of benefits communication most suited to the company and its employees.

Colonial Life understands the challenges faced by companies in providing health care plans to their age-diverse worker population. Sometimes a company does not need to keep adding items to their employees' health benefits. Sometimes it could be that what the employees need is personal life insurance. Colonial Life has life insurance products that are quite easy to integrate to a company's benefits package. Among its more popular products of Colonial Life are its term life and cash value life insurance products that are voluntary in nature and employee-paid. Payment for these policies may be arranged as a payroll deduction. And since these life insurance products are paid by the employees, they can take it with them should they decide to leave. Many companies have taken advantage of these voluntary life policies and have helped their employees obtain the financial protection without impacting the bottom line.

Colonia Life also offers various disability income replacement supplemental policies that are also paid by the employee. For a minimum premium, employees can address their financial needs during a short- or long-term disability. This particular employee benefit can address employee absenteeism and increase productivity, as it takes care of potential sources of mental and emotional pressure on employees.