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Cigna Life Insurance

Cigna is a major global health insurance enterprise committed to help its members to have a healthy and secure future. The security provided by Cigna comes from a wide range of health care insurance products and related plans and services. Cigna respects the differing needs of people and their health. The company believes that every person deserves a healthy life.

Cigna serves employers and other organizations by helping them protect the health of its people. The integrated plans and related services offered by Cigna is developed by adopting proven well-being and health formulas and programs that enables people to remain healthy on their jobs. The company has forged partnerships with insurance specialists, consultants, and brokers in the effort to develop healthcare programs that match the needs and requirements of each of its clients. Employees and their families are provided the coverage and services that does not only provide protection from financial risks during a sickness or disability, but also promotes health and wellbeing resulting to a more productive and generally happier workforce. Cigna International gives companies access to high quality health care and financial planning and protection solutions around the world.

Cigna is one of the most popular and biggest health insurance companies in the U.S. The company also operates in over 30 different countries with over 70 million customers worldwide. Cigna headquarters are located in Bloomfield, Connecticut, where it manages over 30,000 dedicated employees in different places. Cigna is on the Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has over $22 billion in revenue and roughly $11.3 million impact on charitable contributions.

Cigna offers its amazing products and services through a network of subsidiaries, such as the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company of North America, Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company, and Cigna Life Insurance Company of New York. Its major products and services comprise an integrated set of health care services, which includes medical, behavioral health, dental, vision and pharmacy, and related products such as life insurance, disability, and accident coverage. Some of its other key product lines include group disability, life and accident insurance, international insurance coverage, individual and family health insurance, policies for employers and organizations, consultant and broker services, and more.

Cigna was established in 1982 from the merger of the INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation. INA Corporation was formed by a group of citizens from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1792 under the name Insurance Company of North America or INA. At that time, it is the first marine insurance provider. Connecticut General Life Insurance, on the other hand, was created after the state Governor signed a special law incorporating it. Between the two companies, Cigna has over 200 years of experience in the insurance industry. Cigna today is an innovator and a market leader that continues to expand globally. Every milestone the company reaches reflects its dedication to the markets and individuals.

Cigna has a mission of helping people by improving their health and well-being. Its corporate responsibility enables the company to link its mission to its customers and the communities it serves. Cigna concentrates on four health issues where it applies its expertise and resources to bring about positive change. The first of these issues is children's wellness in which the company endeavors to build a foundation for a life of healthy choices. Health literacy is the second issue Cigna would like to be intimately involved in, particularly in the delivery of information on health, wellness, and security to its clients in a language that they would easily understand. Senior care is another big issue for Cigna as it endeavors to help people in this group achieve and maintain a high level of wellness and health in order to keep enjoying a relevant life at the same time enriching the lives of their friends and loved ones. Finally, Cigna would like to involve itself in the concept of health equity as the company focuses on the individual removing barriers and helping them gain access to health care. Cigna achieves its goals on these four major health issues by coming up with innovative connections to help people as well as communities enhance their health, sense of security, and general wellbeing.