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AXA Equitable

AXA Equitable was founded in 1859 under the name The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States. Its main office was located in New York City and it specializes in annuities, life insurance and other related financial products.

AXA Equitable distributes its products and services to the financial services market via a distribution channel that offers the products in bulk or wholesale called the AXA Distributors, LLC. It offers its consumer products through its roster of retail financial professionals under AXA Advisors, LLC. Since the time of the company's inception, it has been forming partnerships with companies and individuals to help them formulate financial strategies. For over 150 years, AXA Equitable has been committed to assisting people in their efforts to build a solid future. Today, AXA Equitable is an industry leader in providing financial protection and is among the biggest provider of annuity, life insurance, and other financial services.

AXA Equitable helps its customers build their future with products designed to help them either build their dream home, send their children to college, or live a relevant and relaxed life in their retirement years. The company has a reputation for reliable financial planning and execution. More than helping its customers implement their financial strategies; AXA Equitable also offers tax-deferred options for investments which would enable them to maximize the full potential of the U.S. or international financial markets. AXA Equitable also offers a slew of innovative retirement fund management products that can help people obtain the full potential of their life's work.

Let's have a look at the major financial products offered by AXA Equitable. These are designed to help its customers plan and manage their finances well. One major product offering of the company are annuities, which are long term in nature and are meant for retirement purposes. Similar to pension plans paid out by employers, annuities are based on a contractual agreement between AXA Equitable and a customer where the latter agrees to make payments to AXA Equitable, which in turn will pay out an income to the customer at a much later date. The payment made by AXA Equitable may also be in a lump sum. Annuities come with fees and limitations that may include, expense and mortality risk charges, administrative fees, additional fees for added optional benefits, sales and surrender charges, and others. Annuities are advantageous to individuals as it offers them protection from market volatility. Customers have the option to go for a fixed annuity, which has a guaranteed return and growth, or they may opt for variable annuities, which has potential for a more robust growth but may also come with greater risks.