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American National Insurance Company

American National Insurance Company, founded in 1905 by William L. Moody, Jr., is headquartered in Galveston, Texas. American National has many subsidiaries, and is operating in a number of U.S. states including Glenmont, New York; Springfield, Missouri; and San Antonio and League City, Texas.

Throughout the history of American National, the family of William L. Moody has always been actively involved in setting the direction of the company. The company's growth is the result of prudent investments and strong management, making it a leading provider of annuities and insurance. Some of the company's major products include various life insurance, accident and health, retirement annuities, credit insurance, pension plans, personal property and casualty lines, targeted commercial risks, and agribusiness. These insurance and investment products are distributed through a group of experienced and efficient insurance agents and brokers, independent marketing organizations, and direct distribution channels. All the efforts of its agents and affiliates support the company's mission to become the company of choice for consumers needing insurance and investment solutions, as it maintains its strong financial capability.

American National Insurance Company is licensed to offer its insurance products to all U.S. states except for New York where its subsidiary American National Life Insurance Company of New York does all the selling. All securities products including those offered by American National involve some degree of investment risk, and are subject to fluctuations and possible loss of principal. The insurer owns the Texas-based ANICO Financial Services, Inc. The company offers variable products by prospectus only. Some of the products and services offered by American National are being provided through a multitude of companies, each of which maintains financial responsibility only for the particular lines and services that it offers, and not all of the products and services are being offered in all the other states. At its opening in 1905, American National started offering different lines of insurance products, including life, health, property and casualty, annuities, credit insurance, and pension plans.

American National adheres to insurance laws and regulations, and submits to the examination of government authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Its records are audited by the independent auditing firm KPMG as well as a number of major ratings agencies. In 2009, Forbes Magazine named American National in its "100 Most Trustworthy Companies." Ratings agency A.M. Best Company gave it an A rating (Excellent), while Standard and Poor's gave it an AA- rating (Very Strong).

American National also distributes its products through the Independent Marketing Group. This company offers annuities, pension plans, and life insurance products to individual consumers and small business owners who are looking for wealth management and protection solutions. Other distribution channels used by American National include financial institutions, employee benefit firms, marketing companies, broker dealers, as well as independent insurance agents and brokers.

A major seller of American National's insurance and investment products is Multiple Line. This exclusive agency sells multiple insurance product lines, including life, agricultural and commercial, property and casualty, and many other products. The agency offers its products to clients of all income levels across the U.S. and in Puerto Rico.

Another exclusive distributor of American National insurance lines is the Career Sales and Service Division. It sells life insurance, limited benefit health products, and annuities to U.S. households. The agents in this division are what one would call the door-to-door salesmen who makes product presentations and pitches right at the prospective client's home. American National also has a Senior Age Marketing Division made up of agents who have the experience of offering health, annuity, and life insurance products to pre-retirees and retirees alike.

ANICO Direct is a division of American National, offering its products on "direct-to-the-consumer" sales and marketing platform. This division uses marketing and advertising campaigns to promote the life and health insurance products of American National, the American National Life Insurance Company of New York, the Garden State Life Insurance Company, and Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company. This division also specializes in making offers to the more well-known retail and financial companies in the U.S.

American National has a Credit Insurance Division offering insurance products to cover the repayment of the policy-holder's loans in the event of an untimely death, disability, involuntary unemployment, loss or destruction of collateral, and many other unexpected events. This product is primarily distributed through general agents who also offer insurance protection to financial institutions, furniture dealers, and auto dealers.

Finally, American National has a Health Division whose portfolio consists of stop-loss reinsurance, health insurance for associations and employers. All the other health plans sold in the many divisions of American National rolls up to this division and is managed from it.