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American Family Insurance

The remarkable history of American Family Insurance started with an idea of insurance salesman Herman Wittwer, who wanted to offer auto insurance to farmers from Wisconsin. Wittwer believed that farmers represent lower risks when compared to drivers in the city because they do not drive as much and takes care of their cars especially during winter.

In October 1927, Wittwer established Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, armed only with his confidence and his knowledge of customer service. The company started operating in rural areas, but before long, it was branching out to the suburbs, small towns, and to metropolitan areas. The company maintained its strong market position by meeting the changing needs of its customers. In 1963, the name American Family Mutual Insurance Company was adopted in order to represent a wider customer base.

American Family Insurance offers life, automobile, home, business, umbrella, health, farm and ranch insurance, and retirement solutions. It has also expanded its market to over 19 states from Georgia to Washington. The company's relationship with its clients helped build the business into a financially stable organization, with over $5 billion in policies underwritten. This mutual company measures its success not just by the rate of return, but also by the value and quality of service provided to its customers. Responsible financial stewardship is the reason why the company is able to deliver the goods to its customers. American Family treats its policy-holders as business partners, so everything is planned for the long haul. Investments are closely monitored, the portfolio is diversified and balanced, and steps are taken to reduce, if not eliminate, volatility as the market goes through periods of crisis.

The profits made by the company are reinvested back into the company in order to keep its financial strength. American Family is able to offer high quality insurance products and services and at very competitive prices. This way, the company is able to help its policy-holders secure their future, and rebuild after an unexpected crisis.

To date, American Family is managing assets amounting to $17.3 billion with over $5.7 billion in policy-holder equity, proving the company's financial stability. The company anchors this stability on prudent operations and lasting relationships with its clientele.

The agents of American Family are committed to fairness and they genuinely care for the customers. They work hard on providing high-quality service, exceptional claims experience, and insurance products designed to maintain a strong and lasting relationship with its policy-holders.

The company conducts its business in keeping with very high ethical standards and within the boundaries of the law. Integrity is deeply ingrained in the company's culture, which is why the company's reputation is that of a trustworthy partner. Management plays an important role in perpetuating the element of trust in all the actions and decisions of the company. Good judgment and character is exercised in all the organizational levels. Customers have come to expect quality and professionalism from American Family so the company strives to live up to this expectation.

The company is proud to be able to stand alongside the very best when it comes to offering multiple lines of insurance products at very competitive rates. American Family also offers other advantages to its customers, starting with a roster of trustworthy insurance agents, who are deeply committed to understanding the unique needs of customers. These agents go out of their way to recommend the best coverage for every individual they deal with. Options and discounts are proactively offered to customers in accordance with individual circumstances. The agents are also well trained on helping clients effect change on their policy during open enrollment season, and they inform customers about advances relating to insurance claims.

American Family agents and brokers have made a strong commitment to customer service. They are aware that it is in their best interest to ensure that customers are satisfied and, more importantly, that they are retained for years in a solid relationship. Agents have the edge over company employees who are writing policies direct from the insurers' offices as these employees would be more interested in protecting the company's interest more than the interest of customers.

Being able to offer multiple lines of insurance products means that American Family can help its customers save money, by offering them bundled packages of different insurance products. Having a single point of contact becomes even more relevant during times when insurance claims need to be filed, as it would be much easier to deal with one contact point if you are filing different claims. American Family's claims process is uncomplicated and very straightforward. The process is so good it has gained the recognition of J.D. Power and Associates, and gave the company high satisfaction ratings. The handling of insurance claims can make or break an insurance company and for Family Insurance, this is one of the reasons for their customer's loyalty.