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Aetna Life Insurance

Aetna was established in Hartford, Connecticut in 1853. Now entering its 160th year, Aetna is a leading provider of healthcare, group life, disability, pharmacy, dental, and employee benefits. It serves the entire community - individuals, business executives, corporate employees, students. The company thrives on enabling people to achieve financial and health security.

Aetna works hard at educating people about their insurance products with resources that will help them make informed decisions regarding their insurance coverage. Aetna also focuses on enhancing health care for its clientele at an affordable cost. The company is taking an active role in transforming health care in the U.S. with each and every policy it issues. Security and protection is second nature to Aetna and it works hard on making quality health care and other protections accessible and affordable to everyone.

The manner by which Aetna takes care of the pre-need requirements of Americans is through innovative and top-quality products and services. One of its major offerings is its wide range of employee benefits and insurance products. Aetna is the first insurance company to offer the very first consumer-directed full-service and nationwide health. It leads the pack in providing a complete line of health care insurance products.

Being an Aetna member brings you closer not only to premiere insurance products but also to a wide variety of services and programs that are aimed at managing the rising cost of health care, without compromising quality. Your health care is assured, from disease management to patient safety initiatives. You will have easy access to your integrated medical, dental, prescription, disability, and behavioral health information. Members will have access to user-friendly tools, as well as uncomplicated data that will give them the confidence to plan and shape their insurance coverage in a manner that suits them. Members will be able to take an active part in securing their own finances as they protect themselves and their loved ones from health and other related risks.

The company has set forth and promoted The Aetna Way embodying its corporate goals, values, and mission. Under the Aetna Way, members will acquire financial and health security as they gain access to cost-effective, safe health care, and access to means by which they can secure their finances against risks. Its almost 160 years of operation has made Aetna an industry forerunner with ties to the widest network of hospitals, health facilities, physicians, and public services.

All of the company's decisions and actions emanate from its set of corporate values, which comprises its core beliefs and corporate identity. Members have come to rely on these core values, the establishment of which they have actively participated in. These values fuel inspired product innovation and service delivery as it drives Aetna's commitment to outstanding and excellent performance.

Aetna's set of core values include integrity, which they define as "doing the right thing for the highest quality and value possible through simple, easy and relevant solutions." They count caring as another value as they "listen to and respect customers and each other to be able to act with insight, understanding and compassion." Inspiration is another one of Aetna's core values whereby the company encourages its employees and clients to explore ideas to collectively improve their lives and make the world better.

Aetna's vision is to become the preferred benefits provider in every aspect of its business. The company wants to earn this distinction both by reputation and financially. The company works hard at maintaining its leading position by considering ideas and perspectives of its workers and members. This gathering of the best views and ideas has enabled the company to come up with the most relevant solutions for all its markets. The company also strives to deliver the best-in-class products and services to its customers, which places the company among the best in the industry.

Aetna has developed innovative products and services that have been tailored to meet the needs of its customers. It has developed a supplier base that is diverse and reflective of its multicultural environment. The company has built a workforce that understands the diverse community that the company operates in. Aetna supports a culture of inclusion that has become the foundation for cultivating a talented workforce. Aetna is also closely involved in its communities, championing local initiatives that positively impact the lives of the people.