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The AAA Life Insurance Company

The AAA Life Insurance Company became part of the American Automobile Association (AAA) in 1969 and has been offering annuity and life insurance products ever since. The AAA takes pride in offering high level of service, with products being sold all across the United States. Millions of Americans everywhere has come to associate the brand with peace of mind and stability.

The company is based in Livonia, Michigan, and is owned and operated by some of the largest names within the AAA organization. The company has issued approximately one million insurance policies in different states. Its client base has been steadily growing, as more and more Americans entrust the future and the protection of their loved ones to this company.

AAA Life Insurance Company specializes in a wide range of competitive insurance products including Annuity, Life Insurance, and Travel Accident policies. The company has been working hard in making their products easily accessible to the market. Anyone can get a no-obligation quote on a term life insurance via phone call or through an agent who can visit them to discuss the appropriate insurance products that will suit their lifestyles. People can also visit an AAA office or their website to purchase insurance coverage. AAA membership is likewise being offered to customers for them to avail of their wide-ranging services, loyalty and discount programs, and other perks. Being a part of an AAA Club puts customers in a better position to provide protection for their loved ones.

Throughout the years, the AAA Life Insurance Company has built a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Products and services are delivered in the quickest and most accurate manner, further providing security to its members and clients. It has deployed several Member Services Advocates across the country, all of whom are totally committed to providing outstanding service and assistance to customers.

In 2012, AAA Life Insurance received an A-rating, which means Excellent in the A.M. Best rating, one of the most reliable benchmarks used to assess the financial strength of insurance companies. The Excellent rating received by AAA Life Insurance indicates a financially sound company with a positive and promising outlook. Customers will do well learning about insurance agency rating services like A.M. Best in order to make an intelligent choice of insurance products.

Another sterling quality of AAA Life Insurance is its dedication to serving communities. The passion to give back to the people and the community is quite evident from the policies issued by the company’s Board of Directors right down to the values inculcated in its employees. The insurer has established strong ties with several service and non-profit organizations to be able to offer enhanced services. Some of the more prominent organizations that AAA Insurance has formed alliances with include the American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s Association, American Red Cross, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, Covenant House, Motor City Blight Busters, Gleaner’s Food Bank, and Forgotten Harvest. The company has also made contributions to the United Way, totaling up to over $600,000 in the past decade.

One of the major reasons for the company’s success is its workforce. AAA Life Insurance has adopted a policy of offering equal opportunities for all its employees. Every member of the company’s workforce is provided the same high level of compensation, training, transfer, and promotion regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Exhaustive effort is given to ensure that hiring policies are based on job requirements and the qualification of candidates. All employee benefits are provided equally and without discrimination.

In 2011, the company launched its new line of Term Life insurance products. The main feature of the series is the lower premium rates for the policy on all the terms. The new rates are among the best in the industry and have resulted to more inroads made by the company in various markets. The new rates have taken effect in all the U.S. states except for New York and Massachusetts. The term life policy itself has been improved making it more attractive to consumers. One of the most relevant improvements to the term life policy is to provide an insured’s surviving spouse a basic membership to the AAA Club for the rest of their lives at no cost to them. Every term life policy issued also comes with an automatic membership to the AAA Club without additional cost. The membership is also offered to customers purchasing the Universal Life insurance product.